Völlur frá Víðivöllum Fremri




Völlur is a high built, well looking competitionhorse, a 6 year old gelding. 

We have known him sins he was one years old and we broke him in ourselves.

He is 100 % liable with very big movements in all gaits. 

His tölt  has a stabel rythm, a clear beat and is still going stronger. 

It has good leg action in all speeds. 


As you can see on the video he does not need any weight on his front legs

to show this good leg action.  

He is friendly with people and easy to handle and he is easy to ride in all gaits.

His willingness depends on the rider.  If the rider is relaxed he is also relaxed

and if the rider puts more pressure on him then he is willing to give more energy. 

You dont need to be a very experienced rider to ride him.  


The father Kjarni is stallion from the very well known Auðholtshjáleiga with 8,50 for rideability in breeding judgement and 9,5 for tölt and 9 for trott.  Kjarni has got a honorary price for offsprings.  


The mother Víf is a first price mare with 8,38 for rideability in breeding judgement.  There have been many breeding and competition horses from the farm Víðivellir Fremri.

We recomend him totally as a perfect pleasure horse or as a future competition horse.


A video of him is on this page just click on it down here..