Foals in 2017

In 2017 we will get foals from Jarl frá Árbæjarhjáleigu (8,76 in breeding judgement in Landsmót 2016) and our own Gneisti frá Hryggstekk

Foals in 2016

 In 2016 we got foals from Óskasteinn frá Íbishóli (8,57 in Landsmót Reykjavík 2012) and from Kjerjúlf frá Kollaleiru (8,44 on Landsmót Vindheimamelum 2011 and first class for offsprings 2016).  

Viðarholt and Hryggstekkur


  When we moved back to Iceland we were so fortunate that we could by an old, very well known breeding in Iceland.  The breeders Albert Jónsson  and Freyja Hilmarsdóttir  had  been breeding horses for 20 years at the farms Votmúli and Strandarhöfði.  Þórður was moving to Germany in 2004  and we bought all the horses from his breeding.  Among well known horses from Albert and Freyja are; Depill frá Votmúla and Glitnir frá  Strandarhöfði.


The breeding is based on an old breeding strain.  The "Godmother" is Nótt frá Kröggólfssröðum born in 1966 (IS1966287041) and she has got an


honorary price for offsprings.  Amongst her offsprings are Garún frá Stóra Hofi and Dúna frá Stóra Hofi. Garún has got first class for riding ability and


Dúna has got first class for offsprings.  More information about Nótt is in Icelandic on page




Daugther of Garún is Gína frá Votmúla who has got 1 class in total score in breeding judgement and her daughter is Gná frá Bakka who we own.


3 of Gnás offspings have got first class in total score in breeding judgement.   Dúna frá Stóra Hofi is the mother of Dröfn frá Stóra Hofi who we owned


and many off her offsprings have been sold. Amongst them is Dökk frá Hryggstekk who has got first class in total score in breeding judgement.  


We placed us to begin with in East Iceland on a farm called Hryggstekkur.


Our breeding mares were to start with:


 1. Gná frá Bakka IS 1991265170.

 2. Dröfn frá Votmúla,   IS1991287601, past away

 3. Drottning frá Kópavogi    IS1987225330, past away

 4. Hæra frá Ásmundarstöðum   IS1984286045, past away

 5. Skessa frá Hofsstöðum    IS1991258581, past away

 6. Drífa frá Nýja Bæ    IS2001287611


 Because of age, the second generation born in Hryggstekkur is taking over

 our breeding and the new mares:

 7. Svarta Meyjan frá Hryggstekk    IS2005276140

 8. Herma frá Hryggstekk     IS2006276135                                                      


The latest successor is the mare

 9. Auður frá Litlu Sandvík   IS2006287592















Dröfn frá Votmúla,   IS1991287601 S: Kjarval frá Sauðárkróki, D: Dúna frá Stóra Hofi. 

Total score in breeding judgement  is 7,96 as a 5 year old in 1996.  One of her offspring in first prize in breeding judgement.  Her mother is in first price judgement in breeding  and has got first price for her offspring and Dröfns grandmother has got honour price for offspring.

Mynd 6 Dökk frá Hryggstekk, Sold,  Mynd 7 Drótt frá Hryggstekk,   sold


Drottning frá Kópavogi    IS1987225330, S: Kvistur frá Gerðum, D: Stygga Jörp frá Kópavogi

Total score in breeding judgement is 7,91 in 1995.  Three of her offspring have got first price judgement in breeding . 

Mynd 8 af Drottningu frá Úlfsstöðum, Mynd 9 Sólmundur frá Úlfsstöðum sold , Bjartur frá Hryggstekk sold, Norræna frá Hryggstekk in training now


Hæra frá Ásmundarstöðum IS1984286045  S: Hraunar frá Sauðárkróki.  Two of her offsping are in first price judgement for breeding.  One of her offsping was in top of her class (5 year old) on Landsmót 2002. Herma frá Hryggstekk her daugther is now taking ower her mothers place.  The father of Herma is Blær frá Torfunesi

Mynd Hæra gamla og herma folald.  Mynd Saga Mynd Herma.



Skessa frá Hofsstöðum IS1991258581.  S: Reykjalín frá Hofsstöðum, D: Stjarna frá Hofssröðum.

This mare didnt get the same attention and possibilities as the other mares, but all her offsprings have been easy to sell because of good qualities.  Two of them have been doing good in competition and one mare has got first price for riding abilities in breeding judgement.

Mynd tanni, mynd Fjalar, Mynd Ála


Drífa frá Nýja Bæ IS2001287611.     S: Hrímbakur frá Hólshúsum,  D: Lyfting frá Nýjabæ

Her mother has got first price in breeding judgement and with 8,43 for riding abilities.  Her father is of course also has got first price in breeding judgement and she has got one sister in first price in breeding judgement.  Her first offspring  is to be broken in this winter.

Svarta Meyjan frá Hryggstekk


Auður frá Litlu sandvík  IS2006287592      S: Hersir frá Korpu  D: Hornafjarðar-Jörp frá Háfshjáleigu

Gurri rode Auður in first class for breeding judgement with a total of 8,09. That is 8,11 for conformation and 8,07 for riding abilities.  Her younger brother Arður frá Efri Þerá scored 8,18 for riding abilities in summer 2015.  




Our goal at Viðarholt-horses is to provide effective solutions designed to meet your expectations when looking for an Icelandic Horse of your own.

Viðarholt + Hryggstekkur => Skáldalækur

In Iceland you name your horsebreeding according to the farm/site the horses are born on.  from 2004-2013 our horses are from Hryggstekkur, in 2014 - 2015 they were born at Viðarholt.  But now we have finally settled at Skáldalækur.  That is our breeding name. Every time you see a horse from Hryggstekk, Viðarholti or from Skáldalækur its from us.

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We are a small, hard-working Icelandic Horse breeding farm based in Svarfaðardalur, in north Iceland close to Dalvík. 




Beside breeding and compeeting, we have been selling horses abroad for 30 years now.  



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