Sirkill frá Bakkagerði




Sirkill is a mature competition horse, ready to compeed, a 9 year old gelding, born 2005.

All gaits match perfectly for  a four-gait competitions, with big movements and variety in speed.   


The walk  is energic and with much overstride.  The trot is naturally very strong and can be trained either for FEIF-four gait sports competion with big movements in a medium speed, or  for competition in B-flokk gæðingakeppni, a very fast trot.  The same goes for the canter.

The tölt has a big leg action as can be seen on the video,  and doesent need any weight on the front legs.  It is still going strong and he can go up to very high speed in fast tölt.


Sirkill is a little over medium tall and elegantly built with flashy expression.  He has a big charachter and is easy to ride with a little over medium willingness that fits good for competitions. 

The father Kormákur frá Flugumýri 2 is a very well known stallion and has got 1. price for offsprings.

We have been training Sirkill regularly over the last years and have known him sins he was 3 years old. 


Click on the video below.

The first video is taken outside in early january the second video is taken inside the ridinghall in Akureyri in late january.