Jörð frá strönd, IS2010276018, is a 7 years old mare, born in 2010 with this beautiful buckskin color.  Jörð is a very talented 4 - gaiter with big movements and clear beat in all gaits.  She just can’t stop lifting her front legs, so,  she is very  suitable for forgait-competition.  The walk is relaxed with big strides. There are big movements with the frontlegs aiming up in he air, in both tölt and trot even with an amateur on her back.

She is elegantly built but with strong  legs and usually she keeps herself clean.  Handling her is very easy and you can catch her outside.  In the stable She is behaving very calm and outside she is friendly with other horses. 

She is very willing to go forward when the rider is on and can speed really good in tölt.  Last summer she was ridden over the big wilderness in Iceland (Sprengisandur) back and forth.  Her willingness is very controllable though and her preferred gait is tölt. 

We have known her since she was born, and knew both her father and mother very well.   Jörð’s father is Bútur frá Víðivöllum fremri, evaluated with 9 for walk, 8.5 for trot, gallop, and form under rider, and 8 for tölt and spirit. He was exported to Norway a couple of years ago and Nils Christian Larsen was riding him in competitions. Amongst others he received 6.30 in F1 and took part in Norwegian Championships. In Iceland he received amongst others 8.41 in Gæðingakeppni B-Class (four gait).

Jörð’s mother is Sigurósk frá Húsavík, evaluated with 7.85 in total with 8.5 for gallop and spirit and 8 for tölt, trot, and general impression.  Sigurósk is a sister (same mother) to  a first price stallion Sigursteinn frá Húsavík.  So, there is good blood in Jörð for breeding talented foals with nice color.

See her in action, click on the video below...

Jörð  in august 2016

Jörð on the tour over Icelandic wilderness 2016

She just cant stop lifting her legs, even with an amateur on her back

Jörð has a big mane, but quite easy to control and she keeps it natural.

              Jörð in february 2017

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