Gná frá Bakka    IS1991265170

1. Gná frá Bakka IS 1991265170

S: Kveikur frá Miðsitju, D: Gína frá Votmúla.

  Four of her offsprings have been shown in breeding

judgement and have got first prize breeding judgement. 

Three of her offsprings have already got first price offsprings

of their own.  Two of her sons has been world

championsships; Gumi in 2007 and in 2011 and Albert

in 2009. 


Gná has got first price for offsprings, also her mother

Gína frá Votmúla IS1986287018.  

Gnás grandmother Garún frá Stóra Hofi IS1978286017

has honour price for offsprings. 









                                                                                                Gná with her latest offspring Gluggi frá Viðarholti s: Hróður frá Refsstað    

Here down under you see pictures of Gnás offspring.





















       Albert frá Strandarhöfði total score in breeding judgement 8,29               Gumi frá Strandarhöfði, total score in breeding judgement 8,28   





















                                                                                                                       Nýgína frá Hryggstekk total score in breeding judgement 7,91



                    Gljá  frá Hryggstekk, total score in breeding judgement 8,16


                    Glæða frá Hryggstekk,  IS2006276131, total score in breeding judgement 7,99, sold, 























                              Gletta frá Hryggstekk born in 2011, not yet shown

Our goal at Viðarholt-horses is to provide effective solutions designed to meet your expectations when looking for an Icelandic Horse of your own.

Viðarholt + Hryggstekkur => Skáldalækur

In Iceland you name your horsebreeding according to the farm/site the horses are born on.  from 2004-2013 our horses are from Hryggstekkur, in 2014 - 2015 they were born at Viðarholt.  But now we have finally settled at Skáldalækur.  That is our breeding name. Every time you see a horse from Hryggstekk, Viðarholti or from Skáldalækur its from us.

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We are a small, hard-working Icelandic Horse breeding farm based in Svarfaðardalur, in north Iceland close to Dalvík. 




Beside breeding and compeeting, we have been selling horses abroad for 30 years now.  



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