When our son was seven years old in 2005, the family moved back to Iceland to a farm called Hryggstekkur in East Iceland.  At this time we bought a well known Icelandic horse-breed line from the rider and breeder Albert Jónsson in Strandarhöfði and Votmúli.  In Hryggstekkur we brought the breeding mares to specially chosen stallions.  The result appeared already in 2011 were Hryggstekkur was number 16 amongst breeding farms with less then 10 foals a year, with 5 horses in breeding judgement with overall score of  7,90. Like many Icelandic horse breeders know, it takes at least 4 years to be able to try to actually verify  the result of the breeding.












Our two daughters were born in East Iceland when we lived in Hryggstekkur,but now we are stationed in Dalvík and Svarfaðardal.  There we found a great place and space for our breeding at Skáldalækur.  The stabel is stationed in Hringsholt with almost unic facilities and now call  our breeding from Skáldalæk. 

The fact that we have been living with and for horses almost all of our lives has tought us how to respect them as individuals and how they can repay this respect. During all the time we spent in Europe and then Iceland selling, training and compeeting on our horses, we have become highly skilled in  selling ridinghorses of all kind as well as horses for breeding and competition.  For us is a good horse,  is a horse with good character. We also like high leg action wich is important for competition.  

We aim at providing our customers with very personalized solutions meeting their expectations. A wide range of horses is somthing that we have been striving for as our customers in many cases are demanding different things when looking for an Icelandic horse. We are well connected throughout Iceland wich in many cases have shown to be beneficial when having to find the right horses for our customers.

As many of those visiting our website are not looking for Icelandic horses at the moment but are rather looking for answears regarding other issues conserning the Icelandic horses, please feel free to send us your questions via our contact form. We will do our best to reply to your questions as son as possible. 

Our story

We are Guðröður Ágústsson and Freydís Dana Sigurðardóttir.  Dont let the names scare you, we are called Gurri and Dana.  Dana is a veterinarian and Gurri is a proffessional horse trainer and competition rider.  He has been working with horses since he was a kid in the far north-east Iceland.  After primary school he went to agricultural school and in 1992 he got the Icelandic horse Trainers Association approval (Félag Tamningamanna). In 2012 he then finished a two year course called Reiðmaðurinn  (the Rider), an educational retraining school from Landbúnaðarháskóla Íslands (The agricultural university of Iceland) and graduated in 2012.

In 1994 we moved to Denmark were Gurri trained, compeeded on and sold Icelandic horses, while Dana got her degree in The Royal veterinary and agricultural school in Copenhagen.  The years in Denmark were great, learning to know the danish culture, importing good horses and Gurri was also giving lectures.  In year 2000 we bought a farm in Sweden were we also started to breed seriously on Icelandic horses.  For 4 years we imported and compeeded on our horses, in south Sweden and got many good friends in the icelandhorse society.


A sunset in our old stabel in Akureyri