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At this page you can take a look at the horses we have for sale. By cliking the more buttons you will be able to take a closer look at the horses and get more information regarding each and every horse and videos.

Ljósvíkingur frá            Hryggstekk

7 years old gelding with natural high leg action. 

Mardöll frá Hryggstekk

Faxi frá Mýrum  

Súla frá Gunnarsstöðum

Kola frá Mýrum

Norræna frá Hryggstekk

Jörð frá Strönd

Guðröður Jósef  frá Skjöldólfsstöðum

Heimdallur frá Hryggstekk

Mön frá Hryggstekk

Nunna frá Hryggstekk


Völlur frá Víðivöllum Fremri.



Born 2009, big, easy ridden, very promising 4-gaiter for competition or pleasure

Sirkill frá Bakkagerði



Ready for competition, four-gaited gelding, born 2005

Our goal at Viðarholt-horses is to provide effective solutions designed to meet your expectations when looking for an Icelandic Horse of your own.

Viðarholt + Hryggstekkur => Skáldalækur

In Iceland you name your horsebreeding according to the farm/site the horses are born on.  from 2004-2013 our horses are from Hryggstekkur, in 2014 - 2015 they were born at Viðarholt.  But now we have finally settled at Skáldalækur.  That is our breeding name. Every time you see a horse from Hryggstekk, Viðarholti or from Skáldalækur its from us.

Check out our breeding lines in "Our breeding"



We are a small, hard-working Icelandic Horse breeding farm based in Svarfaðardalur, in north Iceland close to Dalvík. 




Beside breeding and compeeting, we have been selling horses abroad for 30 years now.  



Check out the horses we have for sale, on "horses for sale" up above. 

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