Lokkadís from Efri Miðbær

Reg. IS2007276381


Is an 9 year old, very tall (145 cm.) and beautyful mare w. 8,40 for conformation and 9 for neck, withers and sholders)

Lokkadís is very well proportioned (8,5) and she has a strong impression.  The walk is with long strides, the canter is with good suspension, the trot is secure with long strides and is good looking.  She has all tempos in tölt and can even tölt very fast as seen on the video.  The pace is elegant and energic.  She has a friendly character and good conrolable spirit. 


Registrated score for Lokkadís:

A-flokk 8,30

Five-gait 6,33 in 2016

Breeding judgement 2014, a total 8,13, conformation 8,40, ridden abilities 7,94. 9 for neck, withers and sholders and 9 for legs with strong tendons, solid joints and hairy. 


Father is Blær frá Torfunesi, a first class stallion in breeding judgement 8,55.  That is  8,80 for rideability, 9 for pace and 9,5 for trot. He has got first class for offsprings, was in the finals in A flokkur in Landsmót 2008 and winner of A-flokk in fjórðungsmót Austurlands 2007.  Blærs father is the well known Markús frá Langholtsparti a first class stallion, with first class for offsprings and father of many competition horses.  Blærs mother is Bylgja frá Torfunesi, a daughter of Baldur frá Bakka.  She has had 5 offsprings in first class breeding judgement.


Mother is Amorella frá Úlfsstöðum.  Úlfsstaðir in East-Iceland is a well known breeding farm, breeder of many first class horses and competition horses.  We have been selling 3 siblings to Lokkadís all with stabel and good character.  A broher of her, e. Ómur frá Kvistum is on a video as a 5-year old on youtube;   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIVB4lcnO8A. 


Lokkadís is a perfect fit for breeding and competition.  She could even compeed both in Four gait  and Five gait and be used as a pace race horse.  


If you click on the videos below you can see her in action,  see the great pace at the lowest video.