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1 janúar 2020


Finally we have found a place and space for our breeding in a farm called skáldalækur in Svarfaðardal, from now on all horses bread from us will be named from Skáldalækur 

Mardöll frá Hryggstekk
Skáldalækur og Hringsholt á sömu

End of summer 2019

Fjórðungsmót Hornafirði 2019

Nýgína frá Hryggstekk
Gurri bil Gurri texta.jpg

We sure had a great time in Fjórðungsmót, even though we didnt enter the finals we somehow felt like winners in our hearts.  

15. júní  2019

Good results for horses from our breeding  Hryggstekkur-Viðarholt in

Gæðingamót Hrings 2019,  

3 horses from our breeding Hryggstekkur-Viðarholt made the finals in Gæðingamót Hrings 2019, a open competition in our area.  Mardöll frá Hryggstekk was in her first competition an was nr. 5 in A-flokk.  Our daughter Bil competed on Drífandi frá Hryggstekk in childrens

class and came second and very close to the first place and

Nýgína fá Hryggstekk won the T1 , tölt competition. 

We are happy with  the results and feeling thankful

to our horses. 

Tölt Mardöll kropp.jpg
Bil og Drífandi frá Hryggstekk
Nýgína frá Hryggstekk

Foals in the house, getting housetrained

30. des 2018

It is always a pleasure to take the foals inside and to get to know them.  

The father of those three is Organisti frá Horni..


Móðir : Lokkadís frá Efri-Miðbæ

Móðir : Sigyn frá Söguey

Móðir: Drífa frá Nýjabæ


Hágarður frá Viðarholti

Kaldi frá Viðarholti

Hrísey frá Viðarholti

1.sept 2018

A new horse stabel, In Hringsholt in Dalvík,

quite unic and very good facilities


May 2017

A Visit from Denmark

A friend was on a visit in may and tried many of our horses.  Click on facebook presence to see how it went for her.  

january 2017

Gletta in january

Now we have 20 horses stabled in Akureyri, from 4 to 17 years old.  Thats a challenge. Here is a video of a mare from our own breeding on her sixth winter, Gletta frá Hryggstekk and we are just checking if she is fit for competition this year

December 2016

Visit in Syðra Garðshorn, Svarfaðardalur.

Svavar and Tina life in Syðra Garðshorn in Svarfaðardalur and they were helping us with our 4 year old geldings u. Hróður frá Refsstað.  Tina has some good training plan to get the horses used to the surroundings, we were very greatful for her help.

17. okt. 2016
Norræna frá Hryggstekk is going to Austria, have a good journey and stay in Europe.

7 august 2016

Nýgína from Hryggstekk and Egill M. Vignisson

Our precious Nýgína is in great shape after the tours in Saltvík.  A young rider Egill Már Vignisson borrowed her in competition Stórmót Þjálfa in Einarsstaðir in august and they came second in their class with 8,45.  

June 2016

Viðarholt - Saltvík riding tours

All riding horses owned by Viðarholt, 6 years and older, are participating this summer in Saltvík riding tours in Húsavík in north Iceland.  Its great for their physical and psykological development.  Viðarholts boss Gurri is also riding, shoeing and cooking in the tours that can range from 5 to 10 days over Icelands magnificent nature.

5.april 2016

two new mares for sale

We have two competition and breeding mares for sale.  Have a look in "Horses for sale".


1. apríl

Lokkadís in finals in Five-gait F1 in Kea Mótaröð Léttis

Gurri and Lokkadís did very well in five gait competition in Kea Mótaröð Léttis.  They got a total score of 6,33 and were in the finals.  They ended number six af 27 compeeders.


Freyfaxi and Heimdallur frá Hryggstekk are now pleasing new owners

24. mars 2016












4. jan.  2016
The first price mare Dröfn frá Síðu and her daughter are now a part of the Viðarholt breeding.

We are now happy owners of the talented first price mare Dröfn frá Síðu 

IS2003255269, a daughter of Óður frá Brún and Drift frá Síðu

(a first class four-gaiter).  We know her very well because Gurri showed

her in breeding judgement with 8,28 for riding abilities in 2009.  They

have also been compeeding with 6,78 in tölt and with 8,52 in A-flokk.  

She will be a part of the viðarholt breeding mares.

As a great extra bonus we also got the foal beside her sired by Þristur frá Feti,

a female with a extraordinary color:

Smokey black dun - skewbald.  We are going to call her Mýra frá Viðarholti.  






20.des. 2015

Guðröður Jósef is going to Sweden.                         Dröfn  and Mýra 

We will miss his character and name from the stable but we say congratiolations to the new owner.


New horses for sale                                                                                     Dröfn and Gurri in competition

25. november 2015

Now we have put 2 new horses for sale on our page, both very interesting and with the right color.  Just have a look.......



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Hnöttur on Stjörnutölt Akureyri

22.mars 2015

Gurri and Hnöttur were invited to participate in Stjörnutölt in the 

ridinghall in Akureyri.  24 of the best tölthorses from northwest 

and northeast Iceland were invited and there were many  great

star-quality tölt shows.  

Gurri and Hnöttur came in at place with 6,63 and are

looking forward to next friday, for the next tölt competition in 

KEA mótaröðin. On the video you can see a upwarming some

days before.




















Mön frá Hryggstekk is going to Belgium

20.mars 2015

We have now sold Mön to Belgium and are lookin forward to seeing her bloom there.


 Svarta Meyjan frá Hryggstekk in five-gait competition KEA-mótaröð.

6. mars 2015

Gurri is compeeding in a row of competitions

called KEA-mótaröð in Akureyri.  He is in a team of riders

from East Iceland where they compeed in different gaits in

every month in the ridinghall in Akureyri.  

On the 6th of march he compeeded on the first horse

from our breeding, that is Svarta Meyjan from Hryggstekk in fivegait.

After a long semifinal they ended number five in the finals.

Their highest score was 6,60.

 Here is a picture and video taken in january

Hrauna frá Hryggstekk is sold to south Iceland

20. janúar 2015

One of our favourites Hrauna frá Hryggstekk was sold to breeders in south Iceland on a farm called Svanavatn.


New-years-tölt competition, won by Gurri and Hnöttur



16. jan 2015

Gurri took part in a indoors tölt competition in Akureyri on the horse Hnöttur frá Valþjófsstað.

He took the first place in the class for experienced riders.  Gurri and Hnöttur had to show

elegant tölt with the correct rythm in different speeds.

They got the total score of  7,17.

Congratulations !!!





Viðarholthorses on Fm 2015

5. july 2015

On Fjórðungsmót Austurlands 2015 we had 4 horses.  Hnöttur frá Valþjófsstað had qualified to compeed in Tölt T1 and ended in fourth place, Nýgína from Hryggstekk came in as a breeding mare in 5 year old mares an ended in a total score of 7.91.  Our newest star, 6 years old, Völlur from Víðivöllum Fremri, compeeded in B-flokk and got to the B-finals and ended with 8.39.  Very well done.  Svarta Meyjan took sadly a "wrong galop" on the track and did not make it to the finals.

skáldalækur gjöf minni.jpg